Workshop on

“Effect of Global Warming on Agriculture and Food Security”

Agriculture is sensitive to climate variability and weather extremes, such as droughts, floods, and severe storms. The forces that shape climate are also critical to farm productivity. Global warming is projected to have significant impacts on conditions affecting agriculture, including temperature, precipitation, and glacial run-off. Rising carbon dioxide levels will also have effects, both detrimental and beneficial, on crop productivity. The overall effect of Global Warming on agriculture will depend on the balance of these effects. Assessment of the effects of Global Warming changes on agriculture might help to anticipate and adapt farming to maximize agricultural productivity.

On 04th October 2019

From: 1.20p.m.- 2.50p.m


The topics to be covered during the workshop are:

  • Global warming and agricultural productivity
  • Models for forecasting the impact of Global warming on agricultural productivity
  • Agro technologies for mitigating adapting to climate change