Scholarships for International Conference on

Global Warming and Climate Change 2018


Presenting an Academic project at a Conference is certainly a valuable experience for researchers. Global Warming and Climate Change Conference 2018 provide scholarships to make the Conference more accessible for delegates and students from stakeholders who are connected to the Conference. We encourage the participation of researchers to the Conference via a variety of scholarships offered. These scholarships are applicable and open to all under the below mentioned categories and requests are considered on a first come, basis.

Partners of the Conference

You can collaborate with (Conference name) as a Hosting, Academic or a Strategic partner.


Hosting Partner /Academic Partner/Strategic Partner

According to the agreement with two parties (University/Institute/Organization and TIIKM), following benefits will be offered to Hosting Partner /Academic Partner/Strategic Partner.

  • Number of Complementary registrations (2<)
  • Discount applicable for university representatives (10% – 50%)
  • Other benefits
  • Opportunity for university representatives to join the scientific Reviewing Committee of abstracts and full papers.
  • Opportunity for University representatives to the session chair and evaluation panel of the conference.
  • Opportunity for Plenary Speakers and Invited speakers
  • Distributing the University’s promotional materials with the conference registration pack.
  • Including the University logo in all Printed and Digital Media platforms of the Conference.
  • Providing the opportunity for non-presenters of the conference from the University/Organization/Institute to send 5 full papers for publication in TIIKM conference publication sources and in peer reviewed international journals


Please note the above mentioned considerations applicable only upon the acknowledgement of the MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) and conditions are subjected to change with the mutual consent of both parties in the agreement.

Reviewers of the Conference

  • For Selected outstanding reviewers: 30% Discount
  • For other reviewers: 15%
  • Reviewers who serve the Conference for 2 or more years continuously : 20%


Send your requests for,

Hosting Partnerships to

Academic/strategic Partnerships and to become a reviewer   to

General Scholarships


  • The Conference offers scholarships for delegates and students upon the availability of funds.
  • You can send a special request for a consideration for these scholarship program to the conference organizing committee ( with below requisites.
  • The final decision will be taken by the conference organizing committee.
  1. Letter of requesting the scholarship
  2. Approval letter by your university
  3. Abstract ( According to the quality of your abstract the scholarship will be decided)



Best Overall Presenter

  • 100% Registration fee waive off for the same conference next year
  • 30 % Discount for any of TIIKM Conferences in the next 12 months.
  • Special Discount on registration fee for 10 nominated people from his/her network for any ONE Conference from TIIKM during next 12 months.
  • 15 % off for any Globeenjoy Tour.
  • Can publish any number of academic articles through the TIIKM blog.

Best Overall Student

  • 50 % registration free for the same conference next year.
  • 30 % Discount for any of TIIKM Conference in the next 12 months.
  • Special Discount on registration fee for 05 nominated people from his/her network for any ONE Conference from TIIKM during next 12 months.
  • 10 % discount on any Globeenjoy Tour.
  • Can publish any academic articles through TIIKM blog.


  1. Practical application of the research to the community.
  2. Tangible and Intangible benefits/ outcomes of the research.
  3. Value addition to the economic and societal aspects etc.
  4. Overall Best Student should possess a minimum of a bachelors’ degree and Overall Best-    Presenter should be reading for doctorate.


Special Note   – Above scholarships are not applicable with other offers in the conference.