Keynote Speakers Global Warming

Prof. David Karoly

University of Melbourne


David Karoly is Leader of the Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub in the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program and an honorary Professor in the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne. He is an internationally acclaimed Australian atmospheric climate scientist, who has greatly contributed to the field of atmospheric sciences. Completing his studies from the University of Reading, and then working at Monash University and University of Oklahoma, he dedicated his lifetime to the study of climate science. An expert in the field, he conducted his research on climate variability and climate change, including greenhouse climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion and inter-annual climate variations due to El Niño-Southern Oscillation. It is for his excellent take on the subject that he is regarded as the global expert in calculating the dynamics of atmospheric circulation and its variability in Southern Hemisphere. He contributed immensely in the preparation of the Fourth Assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which was released in 2007 and to its Third Assessment released in 2001. Over the years, he has written 7 books, 15 chapters and 100+ journal articles on atmospheric studies. Presently, he has dedicated himself to studying the impact of climate change on weather extremes, human and natural systems. Professor Karoly was a member of the Climate Change Authority which provides advice to the Australian government on climate change policies, during 2012-2017. He is currently a member of the National Climate Science Advisory Committee.

CEO APCEO senior Expert Asia and world wide

Prof. Kamani K.K

CEO APCEO senior Expert Asia and world wide
Global Economic Adviser, Department of Higher Education, Govt of Karnataka ,

Kamani K K received his B Sc and MSc degree in Major Physics from Karnataka University Dharwar in 1987 &1989. With BEd in 1992. Joined the service in 1989 as a lecturer and served for 29 years in various institutions of the Government of Karnataka. Awarded UGC FIP fellowship. Currently working as a Professor in Physics PG Dept, NAAC Reaccredited A grade Government Science College Chitradurga. He received the FESE in 2008. Honorary Doctorate University of South America [USA] for the Science and technological applications for the sustainable economic developments.  Certificate of global Honor   CEO APCEO Senior Expert-2013 Asia & World wide.VIP invite at “Global Economic Leaders Summit by Governor and Govt of China

    Presently working as a Global economic Advisor, APCEO Senior Expert authorized by Asia Pacific CEO association [World wide]. Invited as a VIP by Governor of Changchun, Gansu province and Peoples government of china towards “Global Economic Leaders Summit -2011 and International Culture Industry Summit 2014. Working for the Orientation of Science and Technology for the sustainable economic developments. Working for the Basic science and its research applications. Research field is Polymer research and material science. Working at Environmental friendly and bio degradable polymeric materials. Managing the multidisciplinary teaching of energy conservation and acceleration of efficiency. Working as a Quality Assessment and Assurance Coordinator in  the Institution. IQAC/ CEQE coordinator. Worked as a Nodal officer for the SVEEP. Working for the Balancing Wildlife Conservation

        He has published more than 22 technical papers with lectures in 200 International/ National universities, Technical, Research Institutions.  Completed one project and ongoing two projects     Water Resource group2030. Member for the Vision-2025 and Sustainable Global health and Peace works. Guided more than 200 project students. Working as an activist for the global human/women/children rights. NSS volunteer. Red Cross member. CII invited member. HPV member

 International/ National Awards and honors: Rajeev Gandhi Unity Award -2011,Rasteria Nirman Rattan Award-2011, Rasteria Vidy Saraswathi Purskar-2012 , Asia specific Global Award -2012, Bharath, Vidy- Rattan Award-2013, Indo-Nepal Sad bhavana Award -2013,Global Humanity Excellence Award-2014, Dr Abdul Kalam Life time achievement National Award-2014. , Buddha Peace award -2014, Mother Teresa Saddbhavana award-2016

 Life membership and linkages with professional organizations : Indian Association of Physics Teachers, Indian Science Congress  Association, Indian Society for Radiation Physics, Indian Physics Association, Rajasthan Physics Association,Kannada Vijnan Andolana, Fellow of Society of Environmental Sciences, Fellow of Material Research  society of India, Fellow of Optical Society India