Conference Chair’s Workshop

A workshop will be arranged by the Conference Chair to discuss the outcomes and get feedback of the Conference. Participants can share their experience of attending the conference and express their ideas on areas to be improved in future.

Moreover, the plans to be executed when organizing for GlobeWarm 2020  will be discussed during the workshop providing an opportunity for participants to share their views and voice their suggestions in terms of the conference theme, conference tracks, venue, dates, keynote speakers, partners featured events and any other applicable areas.

The workshop will provide an insight to deliver the future conferences in a fruitful way with the outputs received by the Conference Chair, Keynote Speakers, Participants and Organizers.

CEO APCEO senior Expert Asia and world wide
Conducted By
Prof. Kamani K.K
CEO APCEO senior Expert Asia and world wide
Global Economic Adviser, Department of Higher Education,
Govt of Karnataka ,

On 04th October 2019

From 4.50p.m. – 5.30p.m